The Team


Entrepreneur, business leader, venture capitalist. Touched by the huge differences that small but wise financial investments can make to individual lives and entrenched social issues. Committed to the Foundation and business-smart philanthropy.


Legal doyen, cherry farmer, multi national boards appointee and chair. A voice of experience leading new philanthropy. Committed to sustainable social change; no palliative funding.


Elder stateswoman of Australian philanthropy; vast experience running foundations, enabling change and empowering communities; chook whisperer with a heart only beaten in size by her capacity to listen.


Senior academic researcher in the social sciences. Specialist areas include child protection, transport solutions for marginalised communities, arson and inter-generational poverty; a gentle demeanor masks a steely dedication to data analysis and project evaluation.


Grandson of the founder and logistics executive in the multi-national world; long links with the Foundation, committed to sustainable change and business solutions to tractable social issues.


Granddaughter of the founder, former executive officer of the Foundation, stunning visual artist pioneering green interior design business in New York City. Committed to social change philanthropy and to bringing an international perspective to the table.


Busy Collins St executive and father of three, financial guru with a soft heart and ready smile; bringing investing smarts and a vision for growing the corpus, all for the long term benefit of the broader community.


Cellist, storyteller, gardener of GHF’s grassroots connections, social change blood hound sniffing out good hearts and life-changing investments.