Our Philosophy


We believe that philanthropic dollars are precious resources that can be part of the change for the better. Using them is a great responsibility and a privilege. Our approach is built on developing close relationships with community members; we spend time with people seeking to understand what’s happening.


We believe that people living with serious issues have some amazing knowledge and pretty good ideas about how they might be able to change their situation.  So we love to listen.   We try not to make assumptions, instead we love to listen and learn.


We use our wide network of philanthropy, welfare, social enterprise, health, and commerce to help our teams learn and build their expertise, capabilities, and skills.  We invest in our teams with so much more than a financial transaction.


We are not in philanthropy to bring in the answers.  We want to be part of community owned responses that build resilience, empower individuals, and ultimately break entrenched patterns of disadvantage. We believe that money itself can’t solve the issues. More than this, we believe that investing in and supporting people and community-empowering ideas can.


We work with our partners and connect them to the support they need to nurture and grow their programs. This helps them to create long-term sustainable change in their communities.  BUT working in this sector is very challenging.  We are in partnership with our teams for the long haul.  Even when it’s difficult.  Because we know it will be.


We want to know what happens to the money and what changes as a result by putting in place strategies that enable us and our community partners to understand as objectively as possible how effective or not every intervention is.